2021 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computer Simulation
Notice: Presentation Awards Results

Notice: Presentation Awards Results

I.Oral Presentation Awards Results

Best Oral Presentation Award: 

Paper ID: CS110
Title: A Quantitative Model of Music Influence Based on Similarity 
Author Name: Mr. Yuan Qi
Affiliation: Xiangtan University, China.

The 2nd Oral Presentation Award: 

Paper ID: CS198
Title: Evaluation of the Development of National Higher Education System Based on Topsis and Entropy Weight Method 
Author Name: Mr. Xiangyu Li
Affiliation:  Wuhan Business University, China.

The 3rd Oral Presentation Award:

Paper ID: CS161
Title: Research on Rock Image Recognition Based on Deep Learning 
Author Name: Ms. Letao Wang
Affiliation: Wuhan College, China.

Paper ID: CS237
Title: An Analysis of the Authenticity of Financial Data of Listed Companies Based on Vector Machines 
Author Name: Ms. Jing Zhang
Affiliation: Wuhan College, China.

II. Poster Presentation Awards Results

Best Poster Presentation Award:
Paper ID: CS156
Title: Numerical simulation method of roller hemming on variable curvature aluminium alloy sheet with adhesive
Author Name: Mr. Shunchao Wang
Affiliation: School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University,  China

The 2nd Poster Presentation Award:
Paper ID: CS153
Title: Simulation and experiment of dual-frequency isolator for variable speed helicopter Companies Based on Vector Machines 
Author Name: Mr. Zhizhuang Feng
China Helicopter Research and Development Institute, China

The 3rd Poster Presentation Award: 
Paper ID: CS163
Title: Robot Path Planning Based On Improved Reinforcement Learning Companies Based on Vector Machines 
Author Name: Mr. Jian Fang
Affiliation: Power Test Research Institute of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd, China.